About Us

Welcome to Nimas Store, a leading Nigerian fashion clothing retailer offering clothing and accessories for men, women, children and babies. Nimas Store was founded in 2010, and in 5 years, we have gradually become a household name.

Our Mission is simple: To clothe courageous people like you who face challenges every day, and make you live and work better in the comfiest clothing you can find. If you have ever changed clothes because what you had on just didn't feel comfortable enough, then you would understand why we are different. Our clothes remind you that life can be awesome when you make the right choices.

At Nimas Store, we recognize that what we wear should be chosen with care because they always make a statement. That is why we have built our online store in a way that makes navigation and searching very easy. If you have any difficulty placing an order, don't hesitate to call us on 08138499452.

You're in the right place and our smart pieces are sure to fit your style and body. Give us a call anytime on 08138499452 or like us on Facebook.